Here are profiles of the DJ's you hear everyday on groovefactory. We have
some great talent here. Most of our Dj's provide us with 2 new shows a month.
this is how we are able to bring you such a wealth of music every week. If you are
interested in becoming a resident Dj please
send an email to us here
and we will contact you.

We also have dj's from our friends at ICU Promotions that spin on a regular basis for
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matt.williams Cofounder groovefactory
Genre - House, Progressive, Trance
History - Dj for 15 years
Roots - Depeche Mode, All electronic dance music
Influences - Paul Van Dyk, Oakenfold, Sasha, Doran
Misc. - Hosted Club 2000 and the Underground Lounge
mixshows from 1992-1994. DJ at the famous SOHO from
Contact Information:
Phone / Fax - 818-710-0455
Pager / Voicemail - 818-266-7583
e-mail me here

dj.danny - Cofounder groovefactory
Genre - Deep, Chuggy,  & Progressive House, & Trance
History - Dj for 10 years, Lighting and Laser show designer
Roots - 80's Dance, Progressive house/trance
Influences - PVD, Sasha, Doran, Quicksilva
Misc. - Club SOHO Resident, Founder, streaming services
Contact Information:
e-mail me here


Genre - Deep/Progressive Trance, Tribal House, Funky Breakbeat, Ambient, Psychedelic
History - DJ since 1991
Roots - Started out on Power Toolz 105.9 fm in Los Angeles, now spins all over United States and Canada. Recently added to
MDMA Records (Los Angeles) artist roster and mix
CD "Gamma Function" is out in stores now!
Contact Information:
Website -
E-mail -


Genre - Trance, Techno, House
History - Dj for 11 years
Roots - 80's, House, Depeche Mode, Electronica
Influences -
Talla 2xlc,Taucher, Tiesto, David Padilla, George Acosta, Paul Van Dyk, Oakenfold, Sasha, Digweed, Victor Calderone.
Contact Information:
Phone - 305-498-6173
Mobile - 305-790-3847 
Email -
Website -


Genre - Progressive, Deep Trance
History - Dj for 10 years
Roots - 80-90's Dance Music - New Order , Depeche Mode, Shamen
Influences - Sasha, Oakenfold, Timothy, Rob Gahagan, Joe Harp
Misc. - member of Shiva Sound System in 1992-96, co-hosted Future Sound (Radio show)- 92-93
Contact Information:
Phone/Voicemail/Pager - 415-215-8614

Jon V.
Genre- Progressive house, Trance
History- Dj For 10 years
Misc: Progressive sounds of the underground changed the way I understand music, and life itself. It really changed the way I wanted to express myself through the fantastic plastic. Are the fast and unexpected sudden changes in the trance journey that really drive my soul to oblivion, and I had the need to share and promote this style with the community through my work
Homestead: San Freakcisco Contact Information: 415 531-2694


Genre - House, Breaks
History - DJ, producer and artist for 9 years
Roots - Hip-hop, soul and 80's electro
Influences - Icey, DJ Dan, Sasha, Simply Jeff, A Tribe Called Quest
Contact Information:
Phone - 615.500.7275

Website -
E-mail - daddy

Genre - House
History - Dj for 5 years,
Roots - the Original Kiss, earlier Metalica and Primus
Influences Rasoul, Miguel Migs, Rick Preston
Misc. - I have been booking, promoting, and djing @ Club 708 every friday night for the last year. Plus I am currently in the studio working on one of my soon to be released tracks. Oh and for all those Dj's out there I have a CD burner that burns 50 CD's every 4 hrs so if you need some CDs drop me an email.

Contact Information:
e-mail -

Known for his unique, sexy, sophisticated sound and his upscale fashionable image, Donovan is one of the most popular and sought-after DJs in the San Francisco house music scene.  While holding a monthly residency at the chic W Hotel, Donovan also plays for every major club promoter (Martel & Nabiel, Mixed Elements, Delicious Karma, NNOO Production, Sebastien Presents, Surreal Productions, etc.). and every major nightclub (Ten15 Folsom, Ruby Skye, Whisper, SnoDrift, Mission Rock, Club Cocomo, Rouge, Cloud 9, etc.) in San Francisco on a regular basis.  Donovan's "classy" image has also helped bridge the gap between house music and the most upscale, classiest vanues in all of San Francisco.  His passion for house music and high-end fashion has resulted in a new breed of more upscale party events where the dance music scene and the fashion industry are becoming more and more intimately intertwined.  His list of upscale events include the Redwood Room at the Clift Hotel this New Years, his monthly fashion industry event at Rouge, Emporio Armani special events, fashion shows at Ruby Skye, Delicious Karma's monthly at 5 star supperclub Foreign Cinemaand many more exciting things planned and in the works for 2003.  To learn more about Donovan, please visit


Genre- Hard House, Explosive Breaks, Techno
History- Dj For 5 years
Roots- House & Breaks
Influences- Carl Cox, Mr. C, Tall Paul
Misc- Been living in the UK since 96. Has played all over

Contact Information:


Genre - Progressive, Trance
History - Dj for 9 years
Roots - 80's Euro, William Orbit, Vangelis, Depeche Mode
Influences - Paul Van Dyke, Oakenfold, BT
Misc. - Co-Contributer to Club 2000 and Underground
Lounge 1992-94
Contact Information:
Phone / Fax - 916-974-1851
Pager / Voicemail - 
e-mail me here


Genre - House, Trance
History - DJ for 20 years
Roots - Disco, and anything with a beat
Influences - Martin Aurelio, J.I. Starr, Scott Blackwell, David Morales
Misc - NYC & South Florida Radio Mixshow Dj

Contact Information:

Website -
E-mail -


Genre- Funky Progressive House and Hard Acid Trance
History- Dj For 5 years
Roots- Hip Hop, Reggae, Old Breaks, Freestyle and Miami Bass.
Influences- All Dj's and most of "THE PEOPLE"
Misc- Owns and operates the Krate Records at

Contact Information:
Phone- 831-443-6580


Genre - Ambient House
History - Dj for 5 years
Roots - Anything Trippy
Influences - Anything Trippy
Contact Information:
Phone / Fax - 559.292-7055
e-mail -

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