Welcome!  Groovefactory.com utilizes state of the art G2 servers running on a 100mbps pipe in San Jose California. We have been streaming parties and events in SF, San Jose, LA, San Diego, and Fresno California  for about 5 years. We streamed some of the first events ever on the net! You may have not heard of us before but we had the technology then and we have it now! We now provide weekly feeds from other clubs and events we have contracts with now, and are in conversation with venues in SF, LA and New York for more weekly live streams. We can provide any bit rate audio and/or video streams, Production services, Encoding and Archiving,  With our servers we can provide the necessary bandwidth for up to 10,000 streams. we can provide streaming for one-offs or continuous events and all events can be archived on our servers for later playback. Almost no one has the capacity, professional staff, and over 20 years of combined expertise to pull off the kind of events we can. If you think we are too expensive, think again! You can contact us about streaming services of any kind by filling out the form below.

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